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PEP matches individuals with developmental disabilities to people we call caregivers. Individuals live with caregivers to promote growth, independence, and well-being in a comfortable home setting. Caregivers are qualified by meeting state requirements and have a passion for helping others. They can be friends of the disabled individual, distant family, or simply meet through our rigorous placement program.
With reimbursement for providing room and board, facilitating medical appointments, and recreational activities, caregivers are compensated for opening their hearts and homes to genuinely impact a person’s life.
Since 1993, our parent company Maranatha Human Services has been helping place people with developmental disabilities into nurturing environments. Taking a progressive step forward they’ve founded PEP, a program which facilitates a unique alternative to traditional care options.
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Caregivers not only provide room and board and oversight for individuals with developmental disabilities, but also provide support and guidance in a loving home.


In return, both individuals and caregivers are given the gift of companionship, creating a deep bond through understanding and patience.


The task at hand is great, and caregivers are compensated for their time, but being able to make a real difference in someone’s life is the greatest compensation of all.

Are you a natural born caregiver?

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